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Introduction to crest condo

It is one of the most antedate project launched by Alexander.the most luxurious condominium is located in prime Charles crescent, near to the nervous road and will be designed by internationally famous architect Toyo ito.the crescent condo in Singapore offered luxurious residence for the resident of many blocks.

Crest condo facilities

The facilities in crest condo in Singapore, on 2 levels (1st floor&23floor). On the 1st floor, there was a club, house, terrace, 50m lap pool, grill and dining terrace. On the 23 floor, tennis court, pools and all the facilities of life are available.

Live in crest condo with less downpayment

The preferential plan of payment is available in crest condo in Singapore.

· Firstly pay as little as 5% of the price paid on the date of purchase.

· Other 5% payment made in one year from purchase.

· Remaining 90% amount paid from 2 years of purchase.

The crest condo location

It is high-class bungalow located on the fringe of district 10. Due to its excellent location, good environment, natural greenery beauty view, the development of crest offered good accessibility to peoples.

Prices of crest condo in Singapore

The total property price of crest condo is 1000,000$. The age required for borrowing loan for crest condo is about 35yrs for maximum 30 yrs tenure, an interest rate of crest condo is we discuss the monthly payment plan of crest condo in Singapore is 2956 $ per month.

Crest condo specification

There are different types of crest condo in Singapore.

· 4 bedroom condo

· 4 bedroom + study

· 4 bedroom ( guest site)

· 4 bedroom (guest site+study)

· 5 bedroom (m)

· 5 bedroom (m) + study

The environment of crest condo is highly classed where nature exists like greenery. If we want to take all the facilities under one roof, its better than other because it is one of the worlds most influential architect in today practices.

Crest condos as the best residences:

Condominium going to be a best residential area in united states. A lot of reasons behind the statement “condo” as the best residence. The most important is money you can afford your desired place on a low budget. According to this fact, the rate of the condominium is highly appreciated because of its created more opportunities and choices in a market where the prices of a single house are at the peak. Another important factor if you get an apartment on rent you should also have to pay a taxes that will be more expensive as compared to buying the crest condo. If you have your own residence in the form of condominium you will have an advantage of a tax deduction. You can live your own lifestyle it will more affordable for retired people who want to spend their life with socialism. So it will be more comfortable to enjoy your desired lifestyle with what you have. You can also use it as vacation hotspot because when you meet different communities you able to understand different cultures and different lifestyle. Therefore, the crest condo is a great alternative for fewer expenses. They are best residences due to certain important reasons that are:

· Accessible location:

The crest condos are located in the Central Business Districts of Singapore. They can commute with all over Singapore. Residents can access everything from their wants. The mode of transportation is very easy and simple. For going to the mall, people do not have to travel to far off places as all the facilities are available around the corner. Another important aspect of accessibility is the presence of public transportation service to people that they are using for traveling.

· Security matters:

People are provided with a secure environment when they choose to live in the crest condos in Singapore. This is the main aim of the company of crest condos is to provide the families a sense of security so that they can enjoy the each and every minute of their lives. They are providing security by installing the CCTV cameras all other the crest condo. They are also using the security officers for this purpose. Due to this benefits, people want that there family must live there as they get a peace of mind that their family is safe.

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